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"Clients asked me to put my timber frame photos online."    
                                                                                        Jon Gantenbein  
                                                                                         Hope, Alaska

In my office, I have ten huge photograph albums 
of my work since 1983.  Over the years, clients, workshop students, and apprentices have thumbed through my album pages of well-crafted
frames on the beautiful Alaskan landscape.  Hopefully, this website won't replace those personal sessions because I love talking about timber frame construction.     

I'm a licensed contractor specializing in timber framing, also known as post and beam construction.  My frames are distinctive, merging Scandinavian and New England styles, yet I enjoy adding client's creative ideas, and making the frame blend into the chosen site.  Alaskan spruce and Pacific Northwest fir have character all their own.  Alaska has special issuers related to earthquakes, permafrost, extreme temperatures, and  heavy snow.  I meet the challenges, but stay grateful to live and work in this great state.    

I'm among the first members of the Timbers Framers Guild of North America.  For several years I taught timber frame workshops in Alaska.  Through the workshops, I made some great friends, developed a crew roster for big projects, and had several students who became clients.  I don't have any workshops scheduled for the foreseeable future, but I always enjoy talking to other framers and those who interested in the craft. 

You probably came to my site because you saw one of my frames or was given my name.  Please 'thumb' through the following pages.  Each is set up as a 'slide show,' so sit back, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the background photo of the view from my workshop in Hope, Alaska while waiting for the slides to download.  And if you're wondering about that huge frame in the heading, it is the Lodge at Black Rapids.  You'll have to meet me to hear the whole story on that project.   
Timbers, Tales & Yarns
Jon Gantenbein
P. O. Box 41
Hope, Alaska 99605
(907) 440-1826

My timber frames are like pieces of fine furniture -- detail perfect!

Timbers, Tales & Yarns       Hope, Alaska       (907) 440-1826       timbersak@hotmail.com     
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